I am Story

Discover the Great I Am at our museum Coming to Cebu. Experience the sanctuary and ark of the covenant, along with Bible stories through the ages. Transform lives and impact your community

Amazing Things for You

Once upon a time, in the beautiful city of Cebu, there was a place where stories came to life. It was called The I AM Story.

Located on 5 hectares of land, The I AM Story was a place of adventure and wonder. As the afternoon sun began to set, families and friends came together to explore the museum and all it had to offer.

As you walked through the gates, you were transported to a world of imagination and excitement. Giant replicas of the Ark of the Covenant, the Table of Showbread, and the Golden Candlestick greeted you at the entrance, inviting you to explore the stories of the Bible in a whole new way.

Inside, the museum was alive with the sounds of interactive exhibits and the sights of AI-generated art. Visitors could step into a virtual reality experience and be transported to the Red Sea, where they could witness the miracle of Moses parting the waters. They could touch the interactive screens and learn about the life of Jesus, his miracles, and his teachings.

As you wandered through the exhibits, the stories of the Bible came to life. You could feel the courage of David as he faced Goliath, the faith of Daniel as he faced the lions, and the compassion of Jesus as he healed the sick.

But The I AM Story was more than just a museum. It was a place where the community came together to support each other. The museum offered free services like haircuts, dental care, and medical checkups to those in need. It was a place of hope and healing, just like the stories it told.

As the sun began to set, visitors gathered in the courtyard to enjoy the evening breeze. They shared stories of their own, laughing and connecting with each other. They knew that The I AM Story was more than just a museum – it was a place where the stories of the past could inspire hope for the future.

So come and join us at The I AM Story, where adventure awaits and stories come to life. Explore the history, the art, and the wonder of the Bible, and know that your visit is making a positive impact on the community.